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Marvel Iron Man 3 Assemblers Striker Figure

$18.99 NZD

Built to demolish enemies in hand-to-hand combat, the Striker Armor can deliver a good old-fashioned knuckle sandwich, Iron Man-style! One blow from the concussive blast fist is enough to put any bad guy down for the count.

Swap parts for hundreds of superhero combinations with the amazing Assemblers! This Striker Iron Man figure can take the bad guys down with his powerful Striker Armor's blast fist. Unlike other Iron Man figures, his arms, legs and head detach and you can build more than 25 armor combinations! Swap parts from other Assemblers figures (sold separately) for even more incredible battle customizations. Build the ultimate in Iron Man technology with this awesome Striker Iron Man figure!

  • Figure comes with accessories.
  • 07 Striker Iron Man

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