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About Us

Planet Superhero is a proudly Kiwi Owned and Operated online store for Superheroes & Comic Character Merchandise. Be it your 
passion for Superheroes or Comic Characters or just something stylish to wear, we have a range of T-
Shirts, Hoodies, Boxers, Flip Flops, Memorabilia, iPhone Cases and much more. 
Planet is an ecommerce platform, forum and community for everybody who loves
trendy, casual, funky fashion and their superheroes of course! With lots of styles in each category,
our exhaustive collection will leave you spoilt for choice. Watch out for eclectic prints, hip designs 
and lots of colors. Be it Batman, Superman, Catwoman, Hulk, Wolverine or classic characters like 
Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry we have it all. We are constantly developing and updating our 
website with new products and collections, so stay tuned! 
Exceed Investment Ltd trading is the parent company that owns

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